“The four step process in this book transformed our home, and our kids get along better, sleep better, and just seem to be a whole lot happier.”

– New York Times bestselling author Michael Levin

Imagine living a clutter-free life. Imagine creating a home you love and regaining the time and energy that clutter depletes. Imagine being present to enjoy the magical and joyful time childhood and parenthood can be. Imagine raising confident, compassionate children who have the space to explore their passions, learn, grow and have fun– undistracted by an endless stream of “things” they don’t need and really don’t want.
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“Complete with color illustrations and helpful diagrams, this is far more than a decorating book—it’s a total blueprint for the most important room in a new parent’s home”

– Kirkus Reviews

The nursery is the most important room in any expectant parents’ home, and every parent wants to ensure that it will be as warm, inviting and healthy as possible for their new baby. Designing this special space is also an opportunity for expectant parents to prepare mentally and physically, for the changes to come.
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“I met the most wonderful man on earth and after a short time we are now engaged. My love life is not the only area that improved, I’ve also made career and life changes as well. I can’t thank Alison and Laura enough for her contribution toward all the positive changes in my life, I’ll be forever grateful.”

– Lina, Client

In Live in Love & Find Your Soulmate: Simple Steps to Create a Home That will Help You Attract and Maintain a Loving Relationship we offer tips and suggestions to help single women create a home and lifestyle that will put them in the best possible place to find and maintain a healthy, romantic relationship.
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